Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wild, Wild World of Animals

love2register totally rocks for posting these clips of Wild, Wild World of Animals.

The intro theme I hadn't heard since I was kid back in the 1970s watching this show on Saturday afternoons. Still the music stuck with me long enough to inspire this homage two decades later.

I had forgotten about the end credit music--very cool also (many thanks again to love2register).

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ralph Steiner rocks the water

Ralph Steiner could take a damn picture.

Even when it meant taking 24 per second.

In 1929 he shot an amazing short film called H2O. The video embedded above, handy as it is (thanks to drzewko), is but a coarse approximation of the film.

Good copies can be found in the Unseen Cinema DVD set [which also includes the amazing Glen Falls Sequence by Douglass Crockwell & works by the aforementioned Mary Ellen Bute] and in Kino Video's Avant-Garde DVD set.

I dunno if there was any originally intended music to accompany H2O, but each of the three versions I've seen thus far is set to a different piece of music.

And indeed there's two vids of live musicians having a go: one featuring the band Tangleweed (courtesy singalonginesperanto) and another with composer Philip Glass on piano (courtesy rollindust).

In 1978 Steiner put out a book, A Point of View, that features a short (and funny as hell) autobiography as well as an overview of his still photographs. Definitely worth seeking out in your local library.

Cashmere Jungle Lords video passes 600 mark

This video of the Cashmere Jungle Lords has now been seen more than 600 times. For one of my videos, that's a lot.

But there are other CJL videos:

--like this one of them playing Los Blob (courtesy bunnyholmes)

--a video of their song Slender Bed (and the Los Blob vid again) at their MySpace video channel

--and one of three vids posted of their recent show at Legend Brewery Company (courtesy Suramz)

Have a swamp surfin' good time . . .

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

audiokayness by title

Along the lines of rearranging folding chairs on the deck of the Titanic, I've indexed all the K music I've posted to audiokayness by title.

A through H

I through Q

R through Z

Perhaps helpful if there's something of mine you specifically want to hear or you wish to browse by title.

Anything you don't see so far may yet be posted.

Friday, November 16, 2007

ice on fur & other icons

I was online checking out the art in this year's icons + altars show held at the New Art Center in Newton MA.

My wife is one of the participating artists. Along with her entry, there's neat stuff a plenty . . .

In last year's show, I recall a playfully surreal construction box that featured a polar bear in the Arctic. If I'm not mistaken, this work is a less pictorial approach by the same artist.

Here's a collage using the security printing, window shapes and other forms found in envelopes.

And an oil of (I think) Christmas caroler candles.

It's a cool show with a squid jar and a cat princess and then some. I hope to get to see it soon. And hope you have a chance to do the same.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Archive of American Television

After having spent entirely too many hours watching TV, I can now spend even more hours watching TV about TV . . .

The Emmys Foundation has posted on Google Video half-hour segments of at-length interviews with the likes of Earl Hamner.

Not a big fan of The Waltons? How 'bout Jonathan Winters?

Or James L. Brooks?

I haven't gotten around to the Brooks interview (yet) and have only seen enough of the Earl Hamner to know it looks interesting. But I watched most of the Jonathan Winters in one sitting--the guy's a genius.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

the horror that is a Shakey's Pizza ad

I was recounting to some young person polite enough to listen how truly bizarre the TV ads for Shakey's Pizza were.

So much so I couldn't believe my own memories of these ads till I saw this one . . .

Perhaps I was too tame in my description.

Many thanks to WookieCookie for posting this.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Digging deep for old Soul: Go here and you can read how this recent video was shot on old TV cameras and such.

Same folks playing live in France. All courtesy the good folks at DaptoneRecords.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I love to turn y'all on . . .

Tho' I'm a bigger fan of Vic Mizzy than I am of the Beatles, this video made my damn day.

In case you haven't pressed play yet: It's called A Day in the Life of Green Acres and features the lyrics of Green Acres sung to the tune of A Day in the Life.

Thank yous & felicitations go to rockdontrun who mished this mash together.

Might also wanna check out rock's vid of Led Zep as portrayed by the Cattanooga Cats. Or Brian Setzer stepping in behind Jet Screamer on the Jetsons.

Monday, November 5, 2007

take this, muskrat love . . .

Whoa, the Captain and Tennille join forces with Gong Show contestants?

Sure, the Hudson Brothers, Shields & Yarnell . . anything's possible where Optiganally Yours is concerned. It's their video, "Mr. Wilson", posted by Mr. himself, peahix.

You'll also find on his YouTube page many crazy vids of an OY live show in Tokyo.

If that's not cool enough for you, check out this one of the Wurlitzer SideMan tube rhythm machine (again courtesy Mr. Hix):

Saturday, November 3, 2007

more Andy Partridge/XTC

No embedded videos, but YouTube links aplenty . . .

Andy P is a MTV VJ for a day or two . . .

King For A Day vid:

Senses Working OT:

Dis iz PHaP (ummm, This Is Pop):

Knee On ShufL (Neon Shuffle):

R U Receiving Me? (well, Are You . . .):

Thanks to the likes of 23Daves, ZonkOut, and familycat.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Andy Partridge talks about playing guitar

Thanks to YouTube being creaky & not showing its videos, I had to embed the above interview with Andy Partridge of XTC so I could watch it.

Having got that far, figured may as well post it here . . .

Thanks to champangeorslimfast for uploading it and to my wife for finding it.

audiokayness--music's primordial ooze

Actually intended as a blog for any sound I've recorded, audiokayness thus far delves into my musical past.

Ultimately, I hope to upload something like 30 minutes stretches of the James River lapping on the shore. Field recordings and such.

Three minute pop songs
and vague resemblances thereof will have to do for now.

If you want to go straight to the source, you can try my Twango channel.