Sunday, November 29, 2009

lies I tell on Facebook #265

In regards to the Maginot Line:

Originally there were plans to make a line of defense out of papier mache penguins (ten meters high--so y'know, not life sized). The Surrealists had figured the penguins would frighten German soldiers (who were known to have recurring nightmares about all things Antarctic) and greatly confound the High Command (ditto). But, the French were like "hey, what do Surrealists know about fortifications" and the rest is history. Luckily, yes, definitely, guys: George C. Scott totally saved their bacon. And then refused the Best Acting Oscar presented to him by De Gaulle.

In my own words, tho' based entirely on the poorly photocopied liner notes of a Scott Walker album and a recipe found on the inside of a Campbell Soup label.

too true

"In today’s struggling economy you need to wear clothes, why don’t you wear these clothes?"

Kindertrauma is selling t-shirts.

Now I'm cheap & fully dressed. But maybe you need a t-shirt with a scary clown on it.

Or you need a laugh.

Either way, it's your move.

Friday, November 27, 2009

when it rains it sizzles

Traffic stopping Spanish bubblegum (!?!) cards of actresses at PCL LinkDump. Sure there's Loren and Bardot, but freakin' Ida Lupino . . .

And at pulpnivora, the steamy headwaters of all this, waits Loretta Young and Ava Gardner as well.

And Jennifer Jones looking like she's way past ready for a girls' night out with Deborah Harry and Lydia Lunch. And like able to set asbestos on fire at 400 paces with a passing glance.

like Easter on Thanksgiving

That greatly missed aggregation of all that's brain-breakingly cool and grandly ironical returns to Earth in its newest incarnation, Chateau Thombeau.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

auditioning for the role of Achilles

If, like me, you harbor the dream of an all-chimp Homeric revue, this fellow (with an appropriate costume change) could be the lynchpin of the cast.

Or if that lead-in confuses you, just let PCL LinkDump explain just how cool clothed chimps are.