Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(more than) two sides of Cathode Ave

1. the burning forest of the what?

Warning: there's disco, nudity and vast amounts of green screening. But given the bubbling semiotic stew herein, you'll be entirely too spun to be afeared or affronted. No brain will emerge unbroken. From the parallel universe loosely known as Italia '78 via the brave ironists of Chateau Thombeau.

2. rain and the polymer leaf

Zimoun dances the metal zephyr and the flailing arc at Disquiet.

3. guiding traffic from a deep space median

A friend found this bit of future fun as prognosticated in 1966 and reviewed by the good folks at Monster Movie Music.

courtesy zeonic6trial

4. but wait, there's more--aka the pong song

Act now and you'll intercept this pixel cloud on a Pathway To Unknown Worlds.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

complex as you wanna be

Bill Altice of the Karen Cooper Complex recently commented quoting what a slew of neat blogs (Mutant Sounds, for instance) said of the crazy sounds these youngsters were putting out circa '81.

But five seconds into the first tune on KCC's Shinjuku Birdwalk, no recommendations were necessary.

Hail, yeah, y'all, let's break some waves . . .

UPDATE--"Jerkin' Pretty" video as embedded here and on good ol' YouTube.

Monday, April 5, 2010

well prepared

Extended Piano from Stephen Cornford on Vimeo.

A kinetic sound sculpture. Two guitar strings are attached to two bass strings of an upright piano. Mechanised bows play the guitar strings, whose vibrations resonate sympathetically through the whole piano. The sound is entirely acoustic.

Actually the above, cool as it is, is my second favorite. Works For Turntable posted here by Everyday Listening you really gotta see. And hear.