Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The K-Tel Scrolls

And verily, an angel spake unto me and sayeth: "Hey, did you know you have this K-Tel mini catalog dealie in one of your records?"

"No, uh, guess I did and forgot . . . "

"Well, maybe you should scan this and share it online." And the angel drew forth a flaming sword and with bright and shining countenance sayeth, "Yeah, maybe on unterkayness."

"That old ghost blog . . . "

"Yeah, sure, why not?"

Anyway, there's too much here for any one person to unpack with words. Idea is that several world religions will begin here with you all's close reading and interpretation of say, the 8-track tape selector. Or the "try it in a t-shirt" um, T-shirt.

Be fruitful and multiply (clicketh to crazily embiggen/see these really big scans):