Thursday, July 30, 2009

the ballad of 3-fingered Joe

courtesy Prelinger Archives

The excellent 1970s safety film Shake Hands With Danger is also at the Internet Archive.

Just the country theme music alone is worth checking out.

But careful, folks: even tho' the loss of life and limb is largely implied, this is not for the squeamish or impressionable.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

emulation mode

Efforts to the contrary aside, Anita Ward has nothing to fear.

Nor does Britney. Nor the heavily quanticized Cher of "Believe". Nor any of their young aspirants.

Synthtopia explains and provides the synthetically sung version of "Ring My Bell" to demonstrate.

Perhaps, if given the example of this starlet/singer or some time spent here in the company of these gentleman, Vocaloid SONIKA would gain just enough life experience (and use of consonants) to pass the Turing test.

Or at least go platinum . . .

Till that day, a chorus of sweetly singing school kids will do just fine [in addition to, not in lieu of Nico's dark foghorn call]. As posted on Pathway to Unknown Worlds:

courtesy ps22chorus

Saturday, July 18, 2009

sweet thunder of a moon out of tune

Sweet Thunder's Tape Findings has too much groovin' goin' on with all its found cassettes and other audio.

Most recent is week 119's collection of very detuned calliope music. Ol' favorites like Moon River, The Candyman and It's Not Unusual sound a bit as if The Shaggs and some avant jazzers met up with a drunk highland piper.

Which is to say, check it out already.

Friday, July 17, 2009

don't worry--we'll set you straight

Noise Is Information very thoughtfully posts a video about clean cut young fellows who bike around preaching the good word. Y'know . . . atheists.

While having a restful Saturday morning, perhaps you'll dream of Mexican film & music in Tito-era Yugoslavia. Or just click on over to Pathway to Unknown Worlds and read about Yu-Mex.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am Blaine--hear me roar

Or yell . . .

What I know of beauty and cosmetology curricula couldn't drown a gnat. Or keep it from dying of thirst.

But logos, those distinctive blends of word and image that can get and keep your attention . . . well, don't know much about them either.

But I know: Blaine! the logo.

Recently, it had lost its (exclamation) point and become quiet & demure. And now that Blaine Beauty School's been absorbed by some other school, that whole upward cursive swoop is on its way out.

But thanks to the Wayback Machine, one can still bask in the declarative exuberance and Blaine! like it's 1999.

Indeed, the damn thing's drawn by no less than a animated tube of lipstick.

So Blaine! the logo roars on in the face of snooty upscale understatement.

You go, girl . . .

Saturday, July 11, 2009


PCL LinkDump doubles up on The Loved One appreciation with the Mrs. Joyboy dining experience and a groovin' pressbook.

Speaking of the dearly departed, let's reup a link to this parlor rock trio who paid homage to the LV with their name. And this bit of sound collage.

Friday, July 10, 2009

8-track orchard

What no less than Jimmy Walker says . . .

courtesy gggone1

courtesy skulhed

courtesy smileypussonebay

courtesy wyojunk

courtesy superpro2000

And now, ladies & gentlemen, Mr. Jim Nabors. Available on 8-track tape:

courtesy eyeh8cbs

just as Criswell predicted

courtesy dutylux

A friend and others beside have sent links & other premonitions of a new Cheap Trick release on that venerable format, the 8-track tape cartridge.

No word yet from Radio Shack when they're gonna bring back those portable 8-track players that look like detonator plungers.

Rumor has it that they will synergize with Apple on this and call it the "iPlunge".

Suggested retail will be $299.98. Then substantially less, to piss off the early (or not-quite-so extremely late) adopters.

With that in place, I'm not sure how the Johnny Winter or Uriah Heep or any other fine re-releases will find proper distribution. Maybe through the forthcoming iTunes/Columbia House 8-Track Tape Club.

Time now to go listen to "Frankenstein" while awaiting the "iStrobe", the iBirotron and scads of newly unraveled tapes strewn along the highways . . .

courtesy oscartripe

Thursday, July 9, 2009

make it roll

courtesy zombielegtattoo

Well before the age of The Red Green and Git-R-Done, there were the gurus Redfish--father (Art Carney rigged out to the max) and son (none other than Meat Loaf).

I only caught about half of this craziness on the nuevo UHF, but folks, Roadie is out there, waiting.

There's Alice Cooper.

Plus Debbie Harry, Don Cornelius and maybe some other luminaries lacking proper last names . . .