Wednesday, January 30, 2008

these items of interest

PCL LinkDump just put out the good word about the amazing Flickr account of el estratografico. So many, MANY cool pics of funky old signs, old album art and the like. Go now.

Check out also Swapatorium's old neighborhood meat market pics.

There's a great entry on recently deceased but not forgotten character actor Allan Melvin at I'm Learning to Share!

And calling all stylin' ironists and fashionistas out there--FABULON needs you!

Cashmere Jungle Lords video passes 1000 mark

Yep, the live vid of the Cashmere Jungle Lords playing "Apache" has had more than a thousand viewings. Big numbers in my corner of the world.

And the Aunt Mimi front yard vid has past 600 viewings.

Even vids of the Loved Ones, my homebrew "Egypt Lane", or Ebowing a Toaster Oven have gathered some viewings . . .

Monday, January 28, 2008

UFO (pronounced YOO-foe)

God, I love the Gerry & Sylvia Anderson show, UFO.

Deadlicious just posted some great images from a French fanzine about UFO.

Including an image or two of Gabrielle Drake (yes, Nick's sister) as the purple wigged Moonbase commander Lt. Ellis.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peter Callesen's one sheet & beyond

A friend sent me a forward about a cool contest the Hirshhorn had had requiring a work be cut or otherwise fabricated from a single sheet of paper.

I really liked the works presented in the forward.

But I had some nagging doubt about the Hirshhorn's part in such a contest.

Indeed, I could find no mention of it beyond the blog entries of other people who'd received the same email (& who also couldn't find any reference to the contest).

I lucked onto someone saying that all this cool cutout work is by one Peter Callesen.

So, no contest, this Peter's a talented artist. Check it out.

UPDATE: Here's another blog, If It's Hip, It's Here, setting things straight in detail. And though I tried early on, I only just found this.

Anyhow, thanks to my friend for sending me the cool art and to these folks in the know for clueing us in.

just some groovy things

I'm Learning To Share's entry on Sooper Hippie comics and such.

Paleo-Future's pic of a freaking rocket pack from 1964.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gerald Manley Goldfrapp?

On uberkayness, I was getting all in the misty bits of time with Gerald Manley Hopkins. Much philosophical slogging thru my half-sprung notions of contingency & loss.

Anyway, not so much a fan of Goldfrapp as I am of dancing leaves, the following vid says it all so much better than I. And gotta love the tea whistle coda. Thanks be to planet FABULON and chrisf242.

Short of the poetics of a well-produced video, I trundle forth with ticket stubs, pics of a fave restaurant on its way out, plus on audiokayness I take two different approaches to elegy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

more on audiokayness

Added to audiokayness, a slew of recent instrumentals like Broken Starlight and Tremble Melt.

Plus older songs and stuff like Too Far, Almost Gentle and Better Set Sail.

amplitude profaned & other visions

I should just put a serious links section in here (like the sorta serious one in uberkayness). But nevermind that . . .

On Music Thing--the Eff'n Effer (I paraphrase here) is what Metasonix thinks a guitar amp should be.

PLC LinkDump demonstrates Le Kangourou and wild clay animation.

And as found on planet FABULON--the best paintings ever inspired by TV reruns. My votes for the Bewitched and the Star Trek, but they all rock.

Oh, wait, on BibliOdyssey there are great botanical illustrations of lilies and such: The Fugitive Beauties of Hexandria.

Have fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the kaynesses of audio & uber

More of the stuff I've uploaded to Twango has found its way to audiokayness.

And the promised retail reliquary has arrived on uberkayness.

Surely goodness & light (and entirely too many more blog entries) will follow--soon & evermore.

awe-struck & overwhelmed

Back from my family mission South, I found a pleasure overload of stuff in my Google Reader. I cannot annotate, only point you there:

PCL LinkDump rocks the country & beyond . . . fly at this or swing it over here.

Eartha Kitt and Yma Sumac enjoy dual citizenship here of course and on planet FABULON.

And BibliOdyssey does it again. And again.

I mentioned Sickmalls for now--enough already.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

all the fun at the Sickmalls blog

Two cool blog posts at That Mall's Sick And That Store's Dead! (aka Sickmalls):

Some Bags--pics of those relics of retail.

Birth, death and shopping
--link to article in The Economist mentioning & dead malls themselves.

I may be burying the lead to mention the Sickmalls entry on South Park Mall in Colonial Heights VA. Never been there myself, but thinking of a pilgrimage next time I'm down south. (BTW, love that clip from The Critic ["it stinks, it stinks . . ." "Yes, Mr. Sherman, everything stinks."])

May have some retail reliquary posted in uberkayness soon . . .

share & share (I like)

[slowly emerging from a deep torpor]

Thanks to the goodly folk of planet FABULON, I've added the blog I'm Learning to Share! to my already overloaded Google Reader.

Cool entry on actor Michael J. Pollard. Michael J. & Kim Darby were both in that Star Trek episode where Kirk says "no more blah blah blah". Entry includes embed of short promo about MJP and a movie he was in with Oliver Reed.

Another on Monkee/auteur Mike Nesmith in 16 magazine.

Yet another for you British Blues Revival types on The Steampacket, a band featuring Long John Baldry and Rod Stewart.