Tuesday, June 3, 2008

smiling are the dead

Were I some famous type person and I were to wake up dead some morning, you could forgo the Viking funeral and just toss my ashes in a swamp.

That is, providing I'm Learning To Share! did a post on my life & times.

Like this one on the departed Bo Diddley (which features the music tech geekalicious image of Bo in possession of a WEM tape delay).

Or this one on Harvey Korman ("that's Headley . . .").

Beyond the prospect of joining James Doohan (a moment of silence, please . . .) or being shot into orbit by the likes of Jonathan Winters, the famous dead may yet hope to reach escape velocity & return to FABULON.

Meanwhile, looking over the cast of Blazing Saddles on Wikipedia, I noticed at least two long departed celebrities of note, Madeline Kahn and Cleavon Little. [Also, mention of the extant Rodney Allen Rippy.]

Who can begin to say enough good things about Madeline Kahn?

And I hope someday to see some new (and funny) genre parody in which a intransigent crowd unwilling to help will be lead on by the words: You'd do it for Cleavon Little.

And the crowd will say in hushed and reverential tones: Cleavon Little . . .


The In Crowd said...


Thanks for the links and the flattery. All appreciated.

Love the thoughts about Cleavon Little - - and yes, I would do it for Cleavon Little.

Hell, I'd do it for Slim Pickens.

K. R. Seward said...

Thanks for moseyin' on by. Much obliged.

Yeah, Slim bucked an H-bomb for us--it's the least we can do.