Monday, August 18, 2008

the TV! the TV!

To make public my cathode addiction (and follow up on an old post), I present you with the YouTube playlist of writers, performers & other creative folk who've been interviewed for the Archive of American Television.

The listing runs alphabetically by first name. So Angela Lansbury comes just before Ann B. Davis and Dennis Weaver is well before Sherman Hemsley.

Wait, let me namedrop a few more . . . Composers Quincy Jones, Jerry Goldsmith and Earle Hagen. Folks like James Garner, James Arness, Shirley Jones, Mike Douglas, Leonard Nimoy (and yes, Wm. Shatner and Geo. Takai), Betty White and Pat Morita. And comics galore: George Carlin, Phyllis Diller, Jerry Lewis and Harvey Korman (Jonathan Winters I mentioned previously).

Thing is, these interviews cover entire careers and last for several half-hour segments.

But if the fall season is a bust, then nerdy nostalgia shall prevail.

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