Tuesday, October 21, 2008

if I were a Partridge, and you were a lady

Brandland USA the website posts about NBC plans to revive the Partridge Family.

Good fan-minded suggestions there as to family dynamics, who should pimp whom.

My only ideas so far: have Danny Bonaduce play the new Reuben Kincaid.

Or perhaps have him play the grown Danny Partridge who will now function as the beleaguered agent to a younger, even wilier Partridge. Get Shirley Jones as Grandma P. and go all multigenerational.

Meanwhile, aside from the small auxiliary concerns like what kind of music would a 21st century Partridge play, the producers should give care to what hip guest stars they can enlist to give the P. Fam. some street cred while only slightly subverting their family-friendly premise.

If Richard Pryor guested in the old series (view epi here), who might do it now?

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