Thursday, December 18, 2008

merry freakin' Christmas

Tho' not much in a blogging mode, I thought in the space between "bah" and "humbug" I'd mention:

On Stax o' Wax, Lee Liberace tickles the ivories and otherwise says happy holidays to y'all.

On Brief Window, ye olde yuletide cathode OD awaits at BeTaMaXMaS! Garfield, John Cougar Mellencamp and Sir Gary Coleman conjoin in the molten goo of '80s holiday TV to say "Wha' chu caroling 'bout, Willis?"

Meanwhile on FABULON, Wiccans with a thing for gelatin and formica can forego any crappy gift ideas and give instead The Housewives Tarot.

Cheapskates, tire-kickers and window shoppers will enjoy the HT's fun, festive Flash demonstration.

Beats the living solstice out of a Chia Gaia or, um, Samhain . . .

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