Saturday, January 10, 2009

the days of wine & Peggy Lipton

While continuing to (sort of) recover from a bad chest cold/flu/Lord-knows-whatever, I deplete's precious supply of Psych and Burn Notice reruns (my spouse, in like condition, reads about cholera stricken London).

Time for serious anti-viral entertainment . . .

An episode of Ironside featuring Lee Grant and a Quincy Jones cameo (not just his excellent theme music).

Having avoided respiratory distress for some years, I've only now realized that Barbara Anderson, who played Ironside's cop gal friday, also did a great bit on Star Trek as the wiggy daughter of a mass murderer turned Shakespearian actor. She puts the high gloss on psychotic break.

Meanwhile, Raymond Burr seems not surly enough by half in these less gentle, House-crazy times, but suffice it to say he's knocking it out to the cheap seats circa 1967. And doing it for the orchids.

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