Monday, August 24, 2009

so I shoved it into Race

Much as people shamelessly quote The Simpsons and Monty Python, folks back in my long ago youth and far off corner of the sticks were still quoting lines from early 60s comedy records by Brother Dave Gardner.

Now you can be funny that way too (tragically passé and marginalized), thanks to Schadenfreudian Therapy.

Lapsing now into lazy/lame comparisonspeak: Imagine if Jonathan Winters, Lord Buckley and the wraith of Walt Whitman met in a smoke-filled green room thereby creating a wormhole from which a strange otherworldly dude came through to skat, and otherwise sing & speak in numerous over-the-top voices.

This dude would be Brother Dave.

But I'm overselling it. Go on, kick thy own self . . .

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