Wednesday, April 7, 2010

complex as you wanna be

Bill Altice of the Karen Cooper Complex recently commented quoting what a slew of neat blogs (Mutant Sounds, for instance) said of the crazy sounds these youngsters were putting out circa '81.

But five seconds into the first tune on KCC's Shinjuku Birdwalk, no recommendations were necessary.

Hail, yeah, y'all, let's break some waves . . .

UPDATE--"Jerkin' Pretty" video as embedded here and on good ol' YouTube.


blxl said...

Thanks for the nice review.

It's Saturday morning early and I just listened to your "Goin' Down" recording and loved it.

I think I must have been conceived while my parents were listening to some hillbilly waltz, because I'm a long-gone sucker for anything in 3/4 time.

K. R. Seward said...

Yeah, I like me some KCC. I was playing it yesterday for the missus over some absurdly small transistor radio type speaker. Like intelligent but crazed kindergardeners with instruments, voice, chops and pop/rock/funk musicology a plenty to serve their wild purpose. (Tho' I stand by my earlier, shorter "don't read/go listen" review.)

Thanks for checking out "Goin' Down". My flagship bit of recent pop that's, y'know, 90% in tune/in key/on time, there's a middle 8 and the lyrics make adequate sense. We all need a little waltz time . . .

And there's considerable Sybil-like variation beyond that model home at audiokayness. Something like "Grunt Grunt Pig" or "Encounters with Insects" would be like KCC's troglodyte neighbor smudging the cave walls by torchlight. And there's other varieties of pop.

blxl said...

A fan in LA made this video for "Jerkin' Pretty" and posted it yesterday and I thought you might enjoy it:

Bill Altice
Richmond, VA

K. R. Seward said...

Thanks, Bill. Posting video asap.

K. R. Seward said...

"Posting video asap"