Sunday, June 6, 2010

out of their damn minds

The folks at PCL LinkDump post two videos that'll work some mighty voodoo: one of sonic DIY buzziness and another of one Bill (Wm. Burroughs) shooting another (Wm. Shakespeare).

An old compat musician/writer Michael W. Dean seeks not the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, but that of the Libertarian Punk out Wyoming way. And one day finds guns, bison and steam (if not in that order).

And he who has brought forth the planet that was FABULON, Chateau Thombeau and Wunderkammer sires within the without. Not crazy, per se. But adhering to the mind of no mind with the beautiful images and such.

Oh, wait--from A Basement of Curiosities, a man, his LP and a story . . .


Thombeau said...

Thanks for the blurb, my friend! I've changed the name to Form is Void, by the way. Just because.

K. R. Seward said...

I kinda fell asleep at the wheel at this blog & others. At this point, the Fabulon blogroll link at least points to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine's slow and halting recollections of the blog that was.

As Form is Void is its own kind of goodness, will add that current link for those walk among the virtual tumbleweeds.