Wednesday, August 22, 2007

dispatched from the land of fame #1

I'll begin ungraciously with my own tiny plot of notability--the vids I've recently posted on YouTube.

Aunt Mimi playing "I Don't Care"
(above) has been viewed 306 times.

The Cashmere Jungle Lords playing "Apache" (below) has been viewed 296 times. 

These top two videos have been traveling close together in popularity, switching places now & then, for weeks now. 

The Loved Ones playing "Public Bath" has been seen 162 times, my "Egypt Lane" music vid 116 times and EBowed Toaster Oven 78 times.

While even mildly popular YouTube videos have been seen thousands of times, these viewing figures (and the current aggregate of 1,315 viewings for all 17 vids) are encouraging.  I didn't expect to do this well.

And I find it interesting that the most popular videos (and more than half of the overall viewings) are of good performances of fondly remembered, if obscure, cover tunes.  The top two, both shot on the fly with little skill or preparation on my part, have what web meisters so often call "content".  The third live vid, while shot with someone possessing more experience and better equipment than I, is even more cavalier in terms of form.  It's the song and (at any moment, 2/3rds of) the band playing it--that's it.

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