Wednesday, August 22, 2007

dispatched from the land of fame #2

Obscure to some, not to others is the premature death of one Elvis Costello.  Perhaps readers of science fiction (or conspiracy theoreticians) may conjecture that the performer did indeed die in a crash at Heathrow Airport in the 1984, that all the signs are there as plain as day.

See the second paragraph down at the site below for more:

An anecdote dimly recalled: in the sleepy university town of Charlottesville, some radio listeners who heard the "news" held a private candlelight vigil with the records of the deceased playing all night long. 

And one fan, upon learning the not-so-sad truth of EC's continued good health, saw the hoax as an opportunity to appreciate Costello and his music.  Time to do what we might always do for the one that's lost--celebrate the time we've had together and all that issues forth.

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