Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am Blaine--hear me roar

Or yell . . .

What I know of beauty and cosmetology curricula couldn't drown a gnat. Or keep it from dying of thirst.

But logos, those distinctive blends of word and image that can get and keep your attention . . . well, don't know much about them either.

But I know: Blaine! the logo.

Recently, it had lost its (exclamation) point and become quiet & demure. And now that Blaine Beauty School's been absorbed by some other school, that whole upward cursive swoop is on its way out.

But thanks to the Wayback Machine, one can still bask in the declarative exuberance and Blaine! like it's 1999.

Indeed, the damn thing's drawn by no less than a animated tube of lipstick.

So Blaine! the logo roars on in the face of snooty upscale understatement.

You go, girl . . .

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