Friday, July 10, 2009

just as Criswell predicted

courtesy dutylux

A friend and others beside have sent links & other premonitions of a new Cheap Trick release on that venerable format, the 8-track tape cartridge.

No word yet from Radio Shack when they're gonna bring back those portable 8-track players that look like detonator plungers.

Rumor has it that they will synergize with Apple on this and call it the "iPlunge".

Suggested retail will be $299.98. Then substantially less, to piss off the early (or not-quite-so extremely late) adopters.

With that in place, I'm not sure how the Johnny Winter or Uriah Heep or any other fine re-releases will find proper distribution. Maybe through the forthcoming iTunes/Columbia House 8-Track Tape Club.

Time now to go listen to "Frankenstein" while awaiting the "iStrobe", the iBirotron and scads of newly unraveled tapes strewn along the highways . . .

courtesy oscartripe

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