Wednesday, September 30, 2009

if I ever join Facebook

Y'know, it was weird.

Kevin McCarthy had just jumped off this produce truck screaming at anyone who could listen about big pod plants and aliens and such. I was unnerved.

But I woke up this morning feeling fresh and alive, and yet very calm (like after a long drifting deep space voyage).

And feeling so thoroughly renewed, I popped out of bed and signed up on Facebook.

Or, for those more familiar with the remake:

Brooke Adams, y'know, points at me and goes, I dunno, "Ahhhhhhhhg!"

So then I point at Brooke and I go "Ahhhhhhhhhg!"

We both go "Ahhhhhhhhg!" a couple more times before we fall to the ground laughing and saying "Dude, we soooo totally rule this planet--yeah!"

(Hope my wife will post this on Facebook . . .)

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