Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the Great Santa Convergence of '09

A Basement of Curiosities is switching on the Santa Moog.

Magic Carpet Burn brings us a spacefarin' Santa (as well as the Three Stooges).

And Cotton Candy Truant presents Our Santa of the Flying Cupcake Bakery.

Meanwhile, People of Walmart has sighted Biker Santa on his stylin' new ride. (Tho' those antler handlebars seem to tell a sad & gruesome tale . . .)

And whoa, wait, this just in from Chateau Thombeau: Santa's flying first class on the cover of Jet magazine. As none other than Esther Rolle. Rock on . . .

And and and: on Sexy People, the Red and the Black dovetail nicely in Santa and Goths.

And again: a Merry Christmas Santa from Pathways To Unknown Worlds.

And, oh, hey, Aloha, Santa from Hooked On Stereophonic.