Tuesday, December 1, 2009

insert clever robot related title here

My servos are majorly glitching so . . .

Robots! on North of Onhava offers up a fun and jargon-free look at our imminent enslavement by cybernetic beings.

Nerdbots, as seen soaking up the open bar at Chateau Thombeau, are the very best friends money can buy.

Lovingly fabricated by thrift store adventurers, they no doubt come with a boilerplate waiver for buyers to sign: "In the event of a silicon insurrection" etc. etc.

Speaking of electronic BFFs, Furbys evidently roam the earth amongst the People of Walmart.

And for those looking forward to spending the holidays with a robotic master race, Magic Carpet Burn's playlist, Magic Christmas Burn, has just the tune for you.

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