Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my friend Flickr

I've kinda avoided Flickr--either as a place to post photos or to browse through others'. Blogs alone are overwhelmingly vast, so I've not been too game.

The Sickmalls aligned Look In the Tunk has been pretty much the extent of any Flickr visits. The retail pics esp. cover the area where I grew up.

But after reading about el estratographico on PCL LinkDump, I thought time to take another look around.

Having not scratched the surface, I got lost in the Urban Decay pics from the Southern US. I think Urban Decay overall covers the world, but even this geotagged slice is a lot to bite into.

This may be my favorite so far, with the green and red painted brick.

And this one. And this. And, oh, yeah--this one.

No doubt, faves of your own await.

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