Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ye olde Mr. Bubble commercial

Having recently subsisted on the coolness of so many other blogs, unterkayness today scams draws from YouTube this great old Mr. Bubble commercial.

Great thing when I was viewing this was how very slowly the old memories began to come back. Thus I went from "hmmm . . ." to "woah, I remember this".

Many thanks to HansPerk for uploading this.


thombeau said...

Wow. The message here is obviously that old people are crazy.

I totally remember this. Surprising, since I am now a crazy old person, too!

K. R. Seward said...

She's a bit batty, yes. But mostly, um, as visually challenged as a sonar enabled flying mammal.

A Mrs. Magoo, if you will.

Here's hoping TV nostalgia may yet recompense us for being addled and agéd.