Friday, February 29, 2008

this much coolness

Je ne parle pas français mais . . . Au carrefour étrange posts images of Claudia Cardinale, Elsa Martinelli, the movie Invasion of the Bee Girls and the art of Enrico Baj.

Deadlicious posts the stylin' embroidery of Jenny Hart. Her works include stitched up images of Dolly Pardon, Marianne Faithfull and a "dream bill concert poster" of the Staples Singers and Iggy Pop playing the hospital nursery ward where Hart was born.

Speaking of Dolly, she's making hay on FABULON. Not to mention Ava Gardner smoking it up in black & white. And over the top headgear the scale & nature of which will dwarf the pyramids.

Meanwhile, I'm Learning To Share! bids us Happy Leap Day with many neat things including old Shell Oil ads full of trippy gremlins and "this much acid".

And The Boat Lullabies posts some of the new pictures added to Square America's African American series.

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losfeld said...

Glad you found some interest in my carrefour étrange! See you.