Saturday, April 12, 2008

the once & future Captain

In anticipation of a second childhood, thought I'd revisit the first via Captain Kangaroo. Had totally forgotten the little doors within the door and the big key ring. (Thanks to musicom67.)

There's even more of the early Captain here and a clip from Tom Terrific (thanks to shippingeverywhere).

Under the auspices of CatThatHasNoName, who also has clips up of Bunny Rabbit and Dancing Bear, here's a color vid of The Town Clown on percussion:

No sign of the shaggy haired sock puppet chanteuse, Miss Frog. Maybe sometime down the line . . .

Meanwhile, Bob Keeshan (aka the good Captain) can be sighted in a grand picture of CBS luminaries from 1978. Said photo is deservedly given a place of honor in FABULON and Deadlicious.

But, hey--no Miss Frog there either. Network politics for damn sure.

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