Tuesday, April 8, 2008

painters pointers gleaners

Time for yet more special mentions/E for Excellent Blog Award recipients.

Dennis Hopper in one of his typically manic effusions quoted Duchamp while talking about Warhol. He said something like: the artist of the future will just point. As in the context of Warhol, the Campbell's soup can, the images of Marilyn, Jackie--that's art asserting their value. Or past a '60s pop purview, the idea is simply to point out or gather up wonders for others to see.

Artists, pointers, gleaners or all of the above, there really are a lot of people out there gathering up the pieces. And what shiny things they bring.

Having long wielded a spray can, Catherine Carter's been breathing easier with less airborne media for her gestural, calligraphic approach and using more collage. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there's her desire to get the resulting paintings out into the world. All on view in Catherine Carter's Art Blog.

John Borowicz favors the 000 brush. But as you can see in
son of the forest
, most anything from post-mod allegory to closely rendered portraiture issues forth.

ConcreteBeat takes a video camera into the NYC streets & subways to appreciate/document/help promote public performers. Many but not all are musicians like Melissa the Loud playing the Hurdy-Gurdy. There are performance videos, interviews and info on club dates.

The Boat Lullabies and Swapatorium are giving us & numerous old found photos a chance to get acquainted. In a world where continuity is hard to come by and a blurry forgetfulness is legion, this is very good indeed.

In like fashion, the Roadside Architecture blog brings us along for the ride with new photos of old signs, old places.

In service of sonic dispersion, Awesome Tapes from Africa, Boot Sale Sounds and different waters all bring the knowledge & good vibes. And tho' my aging computer/OS won't do rar files, I visit A Closet of Curiosities just to see what crazy, cool records will show up next.

the music of sound
gathers some vibes of its own.

Paleo-Future is ever sifting & digging deep into what was once imagined as the shape of things to come. And Pruned deals what being imagined in landscape architecture.

Other pointer/gleaner blogs of distinction would be The World of Kane, PCL LinkDump, BibliOdyssey and MusicThing. All of them are so good at what they do that surely they've gotten the Excellent Blog Award ten times over. Well, here's their eleventh . . .

All the above blogs get the E for Excellent awards with special mention. (And if some blog slipped my mind, remember what I said . . .)

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