Saturday, April 5, 2008

uncurb your enthusiasm

In a vast web of begetting and begotting, four blogs within my field of vision got the E for Excellent blog award:

I'm Learning To Share!


Schadenfreudian Therapy


Congratulations to them all. And I'd add or amend it: E for Enthusiasm.

Which may sound like some bass-ackwards version of "nice try", but it's nowhere near that.

These blogs (and other blogs, persons & non-bloglike entities) are cool because of the sparks they throw off over the things that thrill them. Or make them widen their eyes, tap their feet, laugh their asses off, whatever.

I'd like to thank them for sharing those things & throwing those sparks around for the rest of us to marvel at.

And thanks be to FABULON for passing its second meme this week to this humble mirror in the vast online funhouse:

I went to where the award was begun, ProjectMommy (now The Mommy Project--ah, these evershifting domains), and skimmed the rules. Ten nominations are the minimum but not the max, and any blog rewarded can be re-rewarded.

Meaning I don't gotta fuss over this. Just as baikinange at Schadenfreudian Therapy did, I can just point to the links column and say: yep, they all get the E for Excellent award. Heck, them and all those blogs mentioned here but not yet linked.

But I'm just in a hyperinflationary frame of mind. To (very broadly & inexactly) quote my fave TV show: If you can be a slayer, you are a slayer.

And Blogger and WordPress accounts be damned. Your qualifications are being alive.

If you're reading this entry, congratulations. You just won.

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