Saturday, April 25, 2009

all reverbs great and small

The music of sound brings Mohammed, or rather Alvin Lucier & iterations thereof, to the giant dual reverb tanks. Concrete water tanks 33 feet (11 m) high and 21 feet (7 m) in diameter.

Bigger still is the Silophone in Montreal.

I haven't the math or the will to figure the dimensions of that half-million gallon tank.

It all sounds pretty big.

Synthtopia is getting small with Circuit Girl's hacked floppy disk reverb. Which is glitchy & neat & super resourceful, but this old-schooler would like to see someone get all analog & Echorec with those floppies and hard drives.

In any case, good to see yet more fresh meaning given to renew, reuse, recycle.

Synthtopia also posts about Lou Reed's live performance of his paean to feedback, Metal Machine Music.

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