Tuesday, April 28, 2009

solitude & the inverted fedora

I'm Learning To Share speaks volumes on Jughead's hat.

Yes, Jughead of Archie comics fame. It's like a doctoral thesis on American Studies in a tasty Flintstones chewable.

the music of sound posts the coolest article ever on The End of Solitude. Recommended, as in very.

If that sounds like no fun, FABULON will show what your friends really think of you no matter how much you text them.

In any case, whatever your state of popularity, please consider doing this:

Stand up and walk away from your computer and go outside somewhere where the birds vastly outnumber the people. Phones and iPods off, just you alone with whatever's happening.


The In Crowd said...


"It's like a doctoral thesis on American Studies in a tasty Flintstones chewable."

Wow, I may just have to paste that up on my wall next to my computer. Great. Inspiring.

Thanks, K.R., and many thanks for the link!

K. R. Seward said...

Well, you're very welcome. Make a banner or a flag out of it.

Writing on something so long in plain sight (but not that well understood) like Jughead's hat totally earns you that one-a-day accolade.

Seeing "Goober" Lindsay, the Dead End Kids and factory workers all tied in together is very cool. And that beanie wearer from back in the day who wrote in--also very cool. Would like to see more former JDs & whatnot come forward about those days.