Friday, June 1, 2007

day one--too good, too long

This is my experiment with blogging in lieu of forwarding emails etc.

Some will say: duh, that's what a blog does--gathers your stuff in one place for folks to read.

But my one true blog, uberkayness, is the public face. If I think someone out in the world might be interested in something that I had some hand in or experienced or documented, it get posted there.

If some 2nd or 3rd hand thing just strikes me as slightly interesting--some online goofyness I'd forward to someone I know--then here it goes in my quick & dirty, get it up/get it out blog, unterkayness.

My inner editor who believes in something approaching syntax and insists on using the dictionary (un PC, non-kid friendly verbal interlude here: spellcheck is for pussies!)--well, that guy can have me at the keys all day making an informal blog posting into an epic event.

Mantra going forward: faster now, say it and go.

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