Saturday, June 2, 2007

good god I love Ask A Ninja

Furthering my career as a shill for the entertainment industry is the above Ask A Ninja interview with Jon Heder and Will Ferrell about their recent movie, Blades of Glory.

Any comedy astrologer will tell you what happens when three such massive planets of talent align.

Jack squat, too often.

But this is as close to a true comedic convergence as any press junket will allow.

(Dang, I forgot to mention Ask A Ninja does a bit with Scott Hamilton at the end. So four massive planets of talent . . . )

None of this make any sense to you?

Well, try viewing more Ask A Ninjas here, maybe check out a Hope Is Emo video or two (featuring Christa Flanagan of MADtv) and see where that leaves you.

Laughing away the pounds (or at least the hours), my psychic says.

Since I love Hope Is Emo, too, let's end things with her:

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