Saturday, June 9, 2007

er, um: let it out

Never been here--not my thing spending 30 or 40 bucks/hr. for a practice or jam space.

All the same, just had to mention JamSpot in Somerville.

Saw it in the final issue of the Middlesex Beat (R.I.P.). Full backcover ad with images of JamSpot doorway and some dude lost in the moment as his guitar not-so-gently weeps. Ad copy reads: Step On In and Let It Out. Kinda bigger than life in that by now thoroughly goofy rockstar way.

But hey, it got me to check out the website and be all impressed ("whoa, like, Richard Thompson and his band totally practiced there"). And write this blog entry.

Now, no louder than I get, I'll stick to playing at home.

But if you're itching to "let it out", or shall we say "play or sing really loud", and you don't live or work near Somerville MA, no big deal. Looks like the JamSpot folks are looking to franchise the idea.

I'm putting mine next to an Applebee's . . .

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