Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wilko Johnson rocks

My friend Mark turned me on to a ton (weighed in as vinyl--literally) of music.

Good music.

And wicked obscure stuff that one might easily namecheck now but was really off the map where & when we grew up (rural southeastern Virginia, circa 1980). Hearing such music then & there (and most places elsewhere outside of a big city or college town), you were listening to what the aliens had beamed in.

Wilko Johnson jamming out in this clip from kk99ll on YouTube is not a household name even now, not on this left bank of the big Atlantic pond.

But folks in the know, like my friend Mark, could tell you Wilko played in Dr. Feelgood and put out his own phenomenal LP, Ice on the Motorway, and such.

And you can see for yourself, even in this short bit of Wilko on guitar, why he has fans aplenty over on the right bank.

What's kinda interesting about this live video (for any guitar-centric viewers esp.) is how it's shot (& miked) right in front of Wilko at the foot of stage. So the rest of the band, even Wilko's own singing sounds a bit distant--it's all reflected sound. Front & center is the sound of his guitar.

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