Saturday, December 1, 2007

better to have loved & blogged . . .

I forget which way back relative of mine my mom said "died laughing at the Fat Lady".

But given my current addiction to The Dumpster, I figure my number's about up and a spot's awaiting me in Schadenfreude Hell*.

I can't help reading the teen breakup postings there. And I can't help but laugh at, well, some of them.

I don't know jack or jill about generative art. The Generator.x blog led me hence.

Also to the equally cool We Feel Fine, where a broad spectrum of "I feel . . " & "I am feeling . ." statements are culled from blogs and arranged in various categories and graphical representations.

I really like both of these iterations of online art.

Tho' I hope The Dumpster will understand: I just wanna be friends . . .


[*Ungainly & Ineffectual Sidebar Apologia: As these Dumpster postings are gathered from 2005, I figure these lovelorn have since moved from romantic ruination on to brighter days.

Indeed, the posts that make me laugh so hard are the ones that go something like "my girlfriend dumped me but I was ready to dump her . . . almost finished that stupid English paper". One gets the (p'haps false) impression the moving on took all of 4 seconds.

And all the posts are so spiced with text message abbreviations (omfg! ttyl) and warmed-over gangsta slang as to make my informal prose seem like that of a very tweedy Oxford don circa 1874.

All the same, my time in Hell's assured.]

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