Friday, December 14, 2007

Juan Matos Capote on free103point9

As I promised
, here's video of Juan Matos Capote performing on DJ Mangoon's online radio show on free103point9. And as in the Thick Wisps video, he's armed with a circuit bent Omnichord, a DIY Pink Oscillator and sundry effects pedals.

Along with his work in Thick Wisps, Juan put out The Subway Aural Recordings, a CD of music created from field recordings made in the NYC subway. He's studied with circuit bender Reed Ghazala and composer Pauline Oliveros. And yep, he's a visual artist, too.

It's interesting, the subdued color in these videos. Except for a salmon colored stomp box off to the right, it looks like film noir.

Or maybe that's just because of the dark hat he's wearing in first two videos.

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