Sunday, December 9, 2007

dang ol' Hurray for Valleydale commercial!!!

Some folks want to save the world or spend a lost weekend in Vegas.

Me, I've been wanting to see the Hurray for Valleydale commercial. And now, thanks to AtomicShows and YouTube, I can . . .

With this, the Wild, Wild World of Animals credits and Shakey's Pizza ad online, I'd better find a new ambition or put my affairs in order.

There's much ado about being a Virginian (well, back in Virginia at least). When I hear that music, watch those singing, marching cartoon pigs and see that outline of my home state on the Valleydale ham package, I finally understand what the fuss is all about.

All hail it's Valleydale!


Valleydale is still in business and has its own archive of TV ads.

The YouTube posting above is the best version of the classic ad most folks remember. But I like the slightly updated, shortened version you'll find at the Valleydale site. Click on the second thumbnail in the top row, the B&W image of the kinda mod looking family, to see it.

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