Saturday, December 22, 2007

to all the blogs I've loved before . . .

Before I say Happy Holidays and enter winter torpor, I thought I'd mention some cool blogs old & new.

Sickmalls (aka That Mall's Sick And That Store's Dead!) has kept an eagle eye on the fading malls and retail spaces of Hampton Roads Virginia. Lately, old Ward's TV ads and big wayward KFC buckets have been the loss leaders. Oh, that and the new Stuckey's I couldn't believe existed.

Music Thing is too darn famous (among music geeks) to mention--'cept to say I mention it all the time.

BibliOdyssey, with its many cool images of book art and trippy bits of long ago arcana, is a wonder to behold.

ConcreteBeat posts videos of musicians & performers in the streets and subway of New York City.

The Boat Lullabies
(the blog arm of the very cool found photo world of Square America) is a new acquaintance made through yet another neat blog, PLC LinkDump.

PLC also navigated this beflanneled old hick traveler to the planet FABULON (p'haps in a glamorous galaxy near the Mitzi Gaynor nebula, or somewhere between Pluto and Uranus). Indeed, I arrived just in time for a homage to Will Geer and Ellen Corby (patriarch & matriarch of The Waltons and beyond).

Likewise cascading to likes of Awesome Tapes of Africa and the Brazilian music at Forro em Vinil.

At PLC there's a great Bollywood spy caper/dance number complete with Santa.

Anyway, that should be enough to entertain (or induce vertigo) until I get out of suspended animation.

If not, there's always my wife's gnarly art blog. Or if boredom's truly abiding, audiokayness should scare that (or you) away. Or go to uberkayness to watch ice melt.

Holiday warmth and a fine '08 to all . . .

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